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The portal of Euro coins collectors.


Collecting coins euro is exciting and simple. Get all the commemorative 2-euro coins and all euro coins in each country is quite an adventure numismatics . But how do you begin?

If you look carefully at your wallet you will realize that you can not only find the 8 euro coins of your country . Often you'll see a different coins appear front and belonging to any of the 20 countries that issue .

You can get to find 160 different euro coins !

And if these sums to more than 90 different commemorative 2-euro coins in circulation that opens before you the ability to gather , almost effortlessly without spending money, a numismatic collection of over 250 coins .

Getting started is easy: a box or an album and start collecting coins of different currencies that you find every day. But as your collection progresses there are coins that they will be harder to find.

Soon you begin to ask for help from family and friends : " Keep me foreign euro coins you find ... "

But What Next? What can you do to get the rest and not stagnate ?

It's easy! You can exchange coins with other collectors! You're not alone . We are many and many in Europe that one day we decided to approach the world of numismatics following this easy way.

And now gives you the opportunity to keep track of your euro coins collection , you have to know which currencies , which left , and meet people from all countries that may have them repeated .

Surely you have some that they do not have !


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